Bullet Journaling

Bullet Journaling Ideas

In need of inspiration on how to use your bullet journal?

Here are some bullet journaling ideas to make it functional and productive. You’ll be using your creativity and organizational skills with these ideas.

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1) Habit Tracker

Instead of having to re-write the same tasks repeatedly and wasting your time making lists. The use of a Habit tracker will save you time and space in your journal as well as keep you on track with your tasks. It can improve your productivity.

Monthly Habit Tracker
monthly habit tracker
Source: Boho Berry
Source: Archerandolive.com
Routine Tracker/Weekly Tracker
Use it to track your daily and weekly tasks. Break your daily log into time periods: morning, afternoon, and evening. Separate your events, goals, and your daily tasks with washi tapes to make it colorful and lively.

A weekly log will help you migrate your tasks to days you are not busy or have time.
weekly tracker journal
Source: christina77star
Sleep Tracker
Source Bujo & Coffee

2) Mood Tracker

Source: plannerholics

3) Health

You can track your water intake, blood pressure, weight loss, calorie intake or exercise routines.

Weight Progress Tracker

Create a log or tracker to help you get back to shape.

weight tracker journal
Source: christina77star

4) Gratitude Log

Create a ‘Grateful for’ log where you daily log what you are thankful for. Let it inspire your day and perk you up.

Source: @bujo.auslife

5) Money

Savings Tracker

Set your goal per month and track your savings with a financial spread.

Source: imperfectly_perfect_bujo
Spending Tracker
Source: bobbis_bujo
Bill Tracker

Track your weekly and monthly bills and stay on top of your funds.

bill tracker journal
Source: planner_eyecandy
Budget Tracker

Track your budget to help you gain control of your money.

budget tracker journal
Source: @cardigansandchamomile
Vacation Tracker

Creating a vacation tracker will help you plan out your finances, save money as well as help you plan the details of your vacation.

You could also list the things to see and do to maximize your time.

6) Interests

Use the journal to track your interests such as movies you want to watch, things you want to learn, books to read, and places you want to visit.

Book/Reading Tracker
book tracker journal
Source: Paper and Ink Co.

You could also set up a Goal Tracker page for the whole year for a specific goal you want to focus on.

Source: powapowa

7) Cleaning Tracker

Create a cleaning guide or a chore list that you will do daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-annually, and yearly.

cleaning tracker journal
Source: @bonjournal

8) Food

Meal Planner

With this simple diet plan you will be able to stick to your weight loss plan.

meal planner journal
Source: Christina77star.net
Food Log
food log journal
Source: tinyrayofsunshine

9) Blogging

Track your Social Media log, Posting Schedule, Income log, and Blog to do list.

Source: bohoberry
There are a lot of things to track and it is beneficial to you, only if you will fill out your tracker.

Use color pens to make it interesting. If you are too lazy to draw layouts, you can use habit tracker stickers and printable habit tracker layouts.

Happy journaling!!!

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