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7 Ways to Use Washi Tape in Bullet Journaling

Washi tape is a decorative and colorful tape, made from Japanese rice paper. It comes in different sizes, colors and designs. The washi tape is very versatile that it can be used from decorating bullet journals to accessorizing home decorations. And we have highlighted several ways on how to use it.


With washi tapes, it brings out your artistic side. You can make your bullet journal look pretty and like a work of art. With so many washi tapes to choose from, it will be fun to decorate each page of your journal.
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Add some color to your planners, scrapbook, notebook or journals by using washi tape as markers or dividers.
washi tape
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Covering Mistakes

Covering mistakes with a washi tape on your journal looks very neat rather than using a white ink that looks plain and dull.

Cover Empty Space

Nothing to write to fill up the space? Use washi tape to cover that empty space.


Have you experienced buying a journal or notebook and you are not happy with the cover after a few days?  You can simply cover it with your favorite design of washi tape. Using your creative side, you can come up with a beautiful cover design.
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You can use your bullet journal as a scrapbook and use washi tapes to attach photos, postcards, or any memorabilia that are precious to you.


Not only can you personalize your journal, but you can also personalize cards, envelopes, frames, home decors, storage boxes and other items that you want to accessorize.

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Show your creative side with washi tapes.

Happy washi taping!!!!

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